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Well as I’m sure nobody has noticed by now, but my website is in the process of getting its annual winter overhaul. I’m going with a much more minimalist look for this iteration, I think my mistake in the past has been to try and style my site too much. My design has been much more focused over the last year, and the site will now reflect this. Branding, and logo design more specifically, have been my focus in design and my blog posts center around this aspect of design.

I am also going to stop pretending that people are out there following along with the blog. My very infrequent content production has pretty much squashed any following I might have ever had. So the new idea is to use this forum as more of a personal diary. A repository for my thoughts and critiques about new brand identities and such. On the personal level, my life has been dominated by my family for the last three years (happy belated birthday Pippa!) so I’m sure they’ll sneak into the mix as well. This post in particular is all about me finding out how to format my blog posts so here that goes.

Home Page Nic

Nickel Montana ready to bury those Cock-A-Roaches

I can still add images, with captions, and of course there’s no better way to do that than with my Nic as Scarface pic. Ah Scarface. Such wisdom in that Spanglish. Maybe I should call myself Hairface, because as my daughter loves to point out, they only place I got hair on my head is my face. She has actually help me get much more comfortable with the chrome dome, pointing out my follicle scarcity to anyone who’ll pay attention. And several people who awkwardly ignored her. But anyway. She is getting much easier to understand, and that’s not always a good thing. Momma is convinced she’s almost old enough to become “Mama’s little spy” but I’m in the process of establishing some counter espionage tactics.
But I digress. Back to branding. My home page is basically the last page that needs to be put together and that’s what I’m working on today. The idea is to make a giant, parallax case for rebranding. I’m currently hunting down statistics to this end, and this is the list of what I’ve found so far…

Here is some pretty good web articles I’ve found about rebranding. This is a pretty good primer to some of the most successful rebranding efforts, from Business Insider. And also here are the 10 most dismal campaigns, from the same source. This is a pretty comprehensive article on feelings toward color, from And right here is a infographical showdown between twitter and Facebook in marketing terms.

So that’s the update for now. Starting tomorrow, I swear I’m gonna start posting daily, mostly about my feelings toward design and branding specifically. Everyday I wake up and read the Brand New (Under Consideration), Fast Company, and Uni-Watch blogs, so a lot of my postings should be reactions to content on these sites. I also notice logos and branding throughout my day, an example being yesterday’s NPR report on the new Chrysler-Fiat logo that I heard yesterday. And here is a logo for Knight Transportation that caught my eye yesterday. Pretty interesting solution, especially compared to the less than elegant solution of its predicessor.