Pro Stock Gear Sets

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Detroit Red Wings

  • Bauer ReAkt 2016 Stadium Series Helmet
  • Reebok Edge 3.0 practice jersey with Farewell Joe patch
  • Warrior AX1 Team Issued gloves
  • Easton lowers with Warrior Franchise uppers Team Issued pants
  • Reebok Edge 2009 Winter Classic socks

Michigan Wolverines

  • Easton E700 helmet with Bauer HDO visor
  • Bauer 37.5 practice jersey
  • Bauer Nexus 4-Roll gloves
  • Bauer (Nike) 2-Piece Pant
  • Reebok Edge 2015 Hockey City Classic socks

Washington Capitals

  • CCM V8 helmet with Oakley visor
  • Warrior Covert QRL Max Pacioretty gloves
  • Warrior Franchise pant with Bauer Alternate shell
  • Reebok Edge Alternate socks