lasting a very short time


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\ i-ˈfem-rəl , -ˈfēm- ; -ˈfe-mə- , -ˈfē- \ – adjective

lasting a very short
The first half of the film, which mocks emoji and other shallow, ephemeral forms of engagement, shapes up to be a satire of contemporary communication and the fruit-fly-fleeting nature of cultural discourse.The Washington Post, 25 Aug. 2017
brief, deciduous, momentary, evanescent, flash, fleeting, fugacious, fugitive, impermanent, passing, short-lived, temporary, transient, transitorySynonyms
ceaseless, dateless, deathless, endless, enduring, eternal, everlasting, immortal, lasting, long-lived, permanent, perpetual, timeless, undying, unending