Favorite Things – Part 1

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I believe one of the best ways to get to know someone is to ask them about some of their favorite things. My standard pick-up conversations (prior to meeting the love of my life) would always include questions about a girl’s top-5 movies or favorite album. So in an effort to get to know you a little better, I present ... Read More

Best Artist Statement Ever.

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I love to talk about myself. I'm constantly thinking about Nic, especially over the last several weeks of redoing my personal artistic promotions. But I'll never forget how difficult it was for me to write an Artist Statement. We were told to do so while at University (I've always liked the way the Brits say that) and I fumbled around ... Read More

NiCnoK.net v3.0 is Here. Almost.

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Well as I’m sure nobody has noticed by now, but my website is in the process of getting its annual winter overhaul. I’m going with a much more minimalist look for this iteration, I think my mistake in the past has been to try and style my site too much. My design has been much more focused over the last … Read More

A Big New Family Member

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Costco.com Link to Big Bad Bear on costco’s site So, this weekend started on Friday afternoon with Penelope, Oma, and myself making a tip out to Cosco. I like to use Grandma’s VIP Costco card to go get giant burro-sized bags of rice and such. On this excursion, while looking at a gigantic something-or-other, I noticed an Asian man carrying … Read More